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Ithmid (antimony) Kohl : what is it and why it is special ?

If you have never heard of Ithmid (antimony) Kohl, then reading this article aims to introduce you to Ithmid (antimony) kohl to you, making understand what it is and why it is important in Islam. Kohl in Arabic is anything that is applied to the eye and/or its surroundings such as eyelashes and eyebrows. Ithmid […]

A look at Hadith : Is Kohl really a Sunnah ?

As discussed previously , it is observed that Hadiths found within the Sunnah refer specifically to one type of Kohl: Ithmid Kohl. Since the word Kohl refers to , in Arabic, anything applied on the eyes and/or its related hair, it is incorrect to say that Kohl is a Sunnah. Rather, applying Ithmid Kohl , […]