Premium Quality 100% Natural Acacia Honey 50 g


  • 100% natural and raw honey produced with artisan quality in pristine natural environment 
  • A light coloured acacia honey with a lovely appetising aroma of acacia flowers and a hint of vanilla produced in pristine natural environment in Slovenia using only traditional methods.
  • 100% natural and raw : unpasteurised and unfiltered.
  • Comes in a cute little bottle – ideal for travel, gifting and a sample order.
  • Easy to give to children due to its light but very sweet taste.
  • As it has a mild but sweet taste, it goes well with coffee, tea, cereals, yoghurt, fruit salads and ice cream as a sweetener.



100% Natural and raw acacia honey from Slovenia. Great quality ; you will taste the difference and quality from the first use. Guaranteed. 


Slovenia is a nation famous for its beekeeping heritage and producing great quality honey. It is a country of apiaries, bees and beekeepers, as they are part of the Slovenian culture and way of life. It is said that there are five beekeepers for every thousand people (1 in 20), and more than 10,000 of its 2 million inhabitants are engaged in this activity.

Beyond its capital, most of the land is covered by pristine forests and bees thrive really well all over the country. Add to this the fact that Slovenia is ranked among the best environmentally friendly countries in the world and you get a good recipe for nutritionally rich and extremely natural honey production, something that you will notice from the distinct aroma and taste of the Slovenian honey



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