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Benefits of kuhl (kohl) for eyes

Original black hijazi ithmid kohl

The use of kuhl (kohl), also known as kajal or surma, for eyes has a long history in various cultures, especially the Arabic region where it was used for thousands of years.

The original Arabic kuhl (ithmid kuhl), also spelled as kohl, is extracted from natural stone that is found naturally in the environment, where it is smashed and turned into a powder that is used for the eyes and eyelashes. This powder was used as eye makeup, particularly to enhance the eyes and darken the eyelashes. Ithmid kuhl was also believed to have various benefits for eye health, such as improving vision, protecting the eyes from the sun and preventing eye infections.

Ithmid Kuhl

Kuhl or kohl is an arabic word used to describe any eyeliner applied on the eyes. There are many different traditional ways of making kuhl using different ingredients. For example some palestinian women make kuhl for eyes from burning olive oil and a ntural cloth together and turning them into an ash to be used as kuhl for the eyes. And in other cultures kuhl is made from other ingredients.

Modern commercial kuhl products found in beauty stores such as kuhl eyeliners or pencils differ significantly from the traditional Arabic kohl. These products are made from synthetic ingredients and are highly processed. They are kuhl in the sense of being an eyeliner but are not the kind of traditional kuhl that is associated with the word kuhl. Also many products which claim to be authentic traditional kuhl are actually made from harmful ingredients and not from the natural kuhl stone. Many of these products may contain ingredients like lead, heavy metals, or other harmful substances, which can be dangerous when applied near the eyes.

Ithmid Kuhl is a specific type of kuhl that comes from a specific stone (ithmid stone). This was the type mostly used by the arabs in Arabia for its eye benefits in preislamic era. Later on prophet Muhammad (May Allah`s peace and blessing be upon him) confirmed its benefits and recommended the use of ithmid kuhl for eyes.

Several hadith narrations on the benefits of ithmid kuhl for eyes has been reported from the prophet ( may Allah`s peace and blessings be upon him).

Ibn Abbas (May Allah be pleased with them) narrated that the prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم ) said : “Indeed, the Ithmid is among the best of your kuhl. It certainly clears the vision and grows hair”
Narrated by Al-Nasaa’i and Ahmed. Classed Saheeh by Al-Albaani.

Ibn Abbas also narrated that the prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم ) said : “Use Ithmid as kuhl for indeed it clears the vision and grows hair”
Narrated by Al-Tirmidi and Classed Saheeh by Al-Albaani.

If you are interested in using kuhl for your eyes, it is advisable to opt for products from reputable sellers or dealers that know their supply chain or where their kuhl comes from. has been selling authentic kuhl for eyes powders since 2017 with thousands of satisfied customers. The website stocks different types of hand made ithmid kuhls of the highest quality.

How to apply kuhl on eyes

For medicinal purposes, apply ithmid kuhl as close as possible to the eye. To do this, pass the kuhl applicator along the bottom waterline from one corner of your eye to the opposite one. Close your eyelashes as you do this. For cosmetic purposes, you can use ithmid kuhl just like any non-liquid eyeliner.

Follow these steps to apply ithmid kuhl safely and effectively:

  • Just dip the applicator in the bottle and then remove it.
  • Apply whatever little comes within between the eyelashes or waterline.
  • Dip it again and repeat the same process.
  • Do that 3 times on each eye.

You can also apply it on the eyebrows if you want to increase hair volume and growth there too or outline it (with the black kuhl).

Very little powder will stick to the applicator the first time. That is fine. Just apply whatever little comes with it.

After that, the moisture from the eyes will slightly wet it, and a bit more will stick to it for the 2nd and 3rd applications.

Don’t be tempted to wet the applicator to get more kuhl powder to stick.

You could end up with lumps of it in your eyes, which can be very irritating and cause a lot of redness in the eyes.

If this happens, just wash your eyes out, and the symptoms will settle down in a few hours, insha’Allah.

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  1. What are the expiry date from ithmid.

    I bought one bottle 3 years ago. Can I still use or dispose of it

  2. I have a query
    I am been using ithmid, I received new bottles from someone coming back from Umrah. I have not noticed before but now I notice evidently when I apply ithmid and blink my eye I feel ithmid acts a a glue for both my eye lids stick together momentarily before opening. Even when I wake up from sleep both eye lids are stuck due to ithmid and not any discharge. Please guide whether this is normal and my bottles are authentic. The ithmid Im using give violet colour when applied whereas its gray in bottle with shiny particles. And its bought from madina

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