Red Isfahani Ithmid Kohl/Surma Powder – 7 g Bottle- كحل اثمد اصفهاني اصلي

(7 customer reviews)


  • 100% pure and authentic ; made only from crushed ithmid stone.


  • Free from lead and any sort of additives 


  • Meticulously prepared ; well grounded and finely powdered.


  • Lasts upto 12 months ( based on use)


  • Trustworthy and reliable seller with over 5 years selling experience and many happy customers.


  • Satisfaction guarantee with money back if not satisfied.



Difference between Isfahani Ithmid and black types of ithmid kohl 

All types of ithmid kohl regardless of colour possess the beneficial effects associated with the use of ithmid kohl and mentioned in the sunnah. However, the red types are regarded to be better medicinally and more effective than the black types, and the isfahani type is regarded as the best in this regard.

The red ithmid kohl types are much lighter than the black types. This small bottle of isfahani ithmid 7-8 grams when filled. The same amount of black ithmid kohl ( full small bottle) would weigh around 10-12 grams. This indicates how lighter and finer the red types are compared to the black ones. This could result in better and easirer absorption of the active ingredients by the eyes and would explain why it is regarded as best for medicinal use.

Because of its lightness and fineness, isfahani ithmid kohl is generally recommended for people with sensitive eyes (though majority of people have no problem with black types too) and for those looking to use the ithmid kohl as a form of alternative or complimentary treatment.

The advantage of the black types is that because of their colour they can have cosmetic benefits and enhance the look of the eyes, and can be used as a natural alternative to eyeliners and mascara. So as well as having the same or similar benefits as the red types, they also give a nice look to eye rims as well eyelashes. They can  also be used on eyebrow to enhance the look and increase volume.

7 reviews for Red Isfahani Ithmid Kohl/Surma Powder – 7 g Bottle- كحل اثمد اصفهاني اصلي

  1. Nawaf (verified owner)

    Review for Red Isfahani Ithmid Kohl/Surma Powder
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


      Barakallahu fiik, brother.

      Alhamdulilah. Good to know you are happy with the product and service.

  2. mükremin ömer faruk YILDIRIM

    Is this have antimon?
    I hear red kohl is best and grey(silver) is second
    I have grey(silver)kohl and I want best.
    Please answer me.
    We can be costumer for my family.


      Yes, this is Antimony Kohl. If you want to buy it, do so from this website.

  3. Hashir Azam

    Really good product, have been using it for several weeks now!

  4. Nicky Tinuca (verified owner)

    I have ordered the product a week ago and still not received anything…. and also my product hasn’t been shipped out.


      Please check your email regarding this.

      The product was shipped a week ago but you just didn’t get the notification

  5. Erfan (verified owner)

    Great product, Fast delivery too.

  6. Thomas Clough (verified owner)

    Alhamdulillah feels really nice in the eyes. As a first time user it didn’t sting at all and I was thinking maybe it would. It feels really nice with the silver applicator and alhamdulillah its a sunnah. BarikAllahu feekum akhi.

  7. Fatima Siddiqui

    I’ve ordered from this business for the first time and I am extremely satisfied with the high quality of all the products. It is hard to find real Kohl, but this is 100% real, my eyes are whiter, and my eyelashes have grown in a matter of a few days. The seller was very kind and helpful.
    May Allah swt bless the seller and his business

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