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How to apply ithmid kohl ?

For medicinal purposes, apply ithmid kohl as close as possible to the eye. To do this pass the kohl applicator along the bottom waterline from one corner of your eye to the opposite one. Close your eyelashes as you do this. For cosmetic purposes, you can use ithmid kohl just like any non-liquid eyeliner.

Follow these steps to apply ithmid kohl safely and effectively:

1) just dip in the applicator in the bottle and then remove it

2) Apply whatever little comes with in between the eyelashes or waterline

3) Dip it again and repeat the same process

4) Do that 3 times in each eye

4) You can also apply it on the eyebrows if you want to increase hair volume and growth there too or outline it (with the black kohl)

Very little powder will stick to the applicator first time. That is fine. Just apply whatever little comes with it.

After that, the moisture from the eyes will slightly wet it and a bit more will stick to it for the 2nd and 3rd applications.

Don’t be tempted to wetting the applicator to get more kohl powder to stick.

You could end up with lumps of it in your eyes which can be very irritating and cause a lot of redness in the eyes.

If this happens, just wash your eyes out and the symptoms will settle down in few hours insha’Allah.

3 thoughts on “How to apply ithmid kohl ?

  1. If I only buy an applicator stick like the silver one or wooden one you have, should I wash it everytime I use it?

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