Black Hijazi Ithmid Kohl- Medium Size- 15 g Bottle

(3 customer reviews)


  • 100% pure and original ; made only from crushed ithmid stone.
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers
  • Meticulously prepared ; well grounded and finely powdered
  • Trustworthy and reliable seller with over 3 years selling experience and many happy customers.
  • Satisfaction guarantee with money back if not satisfied.
  • Guaranteed fast results ; genuine ithmid enhances vision, helps alleviate a range of eye ailments and grows eyelashes and eyebrows. 

Bottle size is 15 g. Please buy the applicator separately.

Feedback from happy customers 

“Today I received the hijazi ithmid and I can say I was very pleased with it from the first use. The ithmid stone is grounded very well and it feels very soft. It did not sting my eyes at all like some other brands have in the past. I am really happy with this purchase and would definitely recommend it and repurchase it insha-Allah”

” …Mash’Allah i received product, thank you for posting it out. Amazing quality! I have been looking for authentic ithmid for some time now and I believe from testing this it is indeed authentic and very high quality! 
I will definitely be buying some more off you in the future perhaps even a pack of bottles. “
“…Your kohl is great, I love it! I am still learning and practicing applying it, but hopefully will perfect it one day. I use the wooden applicator from Morocco for it…”

“…One sister had a problem with her eye recently and was in a lot of pain, then she received the ithmid  and once she used it a few times it helped her and her eyes are much better , Alhamddullilah. So we have a lot of people becoming interested in it , Alhamdulilah”




A bigger bottle of the best selling black hijazi ithmid kohl. This bottle contains 15 g (approx.) and lasts up-to 5 months.  

Please note : This is only for a bottle of kohl powder. No applicator included. Have a look around the shop for an applicator.

Hejaz or Hijaz  is the region in Saudi Arabia in which Mecca and Medina are located. The city of Jeddah is also part of Hijaz.

Two types of Ithmid kohl are found in Hijaz : 

  • Black ( also known as Hejazi hot) Ithmid kohl
  • Red ( also known as Hejazi cold) Ithmid kohl

Black hijazi ithmid kohl

Although the red hijazi ithmid is thought to be purer and colder on the eyes on application, the black hijazi ithmid is more popular amongst the customers. 

You will be able to get all the benefits of ithmid kohl mentioned in the sunnah by buying this black hijazi ithmid. With limited use, you will notice with Allah’s will eyelash growth as well as vision enhancement.

One advantage that the black hijazi ithmid has over its red cousin is that it doubles up as a powerful natural eyeliner which lasts long after initial application. This makes it ideal for women wanting to practice the sunnah of applying ithmid kohl and also obtain beauty benefits.

Besides the medicinal benefits and following the sunnah, men can also use this to give colour to their eyelashes and eye brows Those who are not comfortable with wearing kohl in public ( although in Islamic and Muslim tradition there is no shame in this ) can still do this by applying it at night before going to sleep, as the prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) used to do.


3 reviews for Black Hijazi Ithmid Kohl- Medium Size- 15 g Bottle

  1. Shima

    So happy to find your shop because I spent a lot more for another brand which wasn’t even close to this quality. It’s great that it didn’t come in any fancy box so nothing went to the landfill. May Allah bless your business, keep doing what you do, you help us practice this forgotten Sunnah of our prophet.

  2. Sultan Ullah (verified owner)

    A great organic product and fantastic company who is looking to revive the sunnah of the Prophet SAW! Amazing!

  3. Jubair Ahmad (verified owner)

    Very good kohl, seems legit

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