Red Isfahani Ithmid Kohl/Surma Powder

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20 g (approx) of finely powdered and soft textured red Isfahani Ithmid kohl powder.

Isfahani Ithmid is regarded as the best quality ithmid due to its lower quantity of impurities, coldness and soft texture (relative to other types of Kohl) .

  • High quality and Authentic Ithmid Kohl
  • Finely powdered and least irritation for the eyes 
  • 100% Lead free
  • Lasts up to 8 months 


Isfahani Ithmid kohl is considered to be the best quality type of ithmid.

This has been known for generations and al-Hafid ibn Hajar stated :

… and the best of it is brought from Isfahan (a province in the center of nowadays Iran),

Similar in appearance to the red Hijazi ithmid, the isfahani is colder on the eyes, contains less impurities and feels slightly softer.

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