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Benefits of Ithmid Surma/Kajal for the eyes

The especial Ithmid Surma/Kajal is the best type of Surma/Kajal to be used for the eyes. This is because it has been   personally used and praised by prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم), who was inspired by Allah , Glorified be he.

Benefits of Ithmid Surma/ Kajal for the eyes

1. Ithmid Surma/Kajal cleanses the eyes of harmfull substances. This includes dirt, dust, germs as well as other chemicals which can harm your eyes in the long term.

For example, Nitric oxide is a chemical substance that is produced inside the body as by product of reactions. It can build up in the eyes and cause serious eye diseases.

We simply do not know the true scale of what Ithmid surma/kajal can do for the eyes in terms of protecting it from harmfull substances, both internal and external, and reducing risk for the many eye diseases out there since no one has ever researched this.

But there is no doubt if proper research has been done to examine this, scientists would have found that ithmid surma/ kajal gives best protection possible for the eyes from anything that can harm sight in both the long tetm or short term. As a result,much commom eye problems and diseases will have been avoided.

2. As stated by the prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) ithmid surma /kajal both maintains and improves eye sight. This is partly due to its eye cleansing and detoxification effects. But there could be other ways it can does this. Without anyone doing research, we simply do not know how ithmid surma/kajal increases benefits vision. But a muslim has no doubt in it doing so since this has been stated by the one who speaks nothing but truth and who has been given knowledge by Allah.

3. Ithmid Surma / kajal grows eye lashes and makes them longer and this in turn acts to protect the eyes from dirt particles and other harmfull things.

Those are 3 major benefits of using ithmid surma / kajal for the eyes. All of these benefits are confirmed by authentic hadiths from the prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم).

Is it not enough to convince us in adopting using ithmid surma / kajal for the eyes as a basic routine for all of us muslims ?

8 thoughts on “Benefits of Ithmid Surma/Kajal for the eyes

  1. I purchased the Moroccan ithmid from your website and I absolutely love it. May Allah give you the Tawfiq to keep providing genuine ithmid.

    1. Thanks for your feedback dear sister – it is really encouraging.
      Barakallahu fiiki

  2. Asalaamalaikum,
    Can you leave it on during the day or is it only for wearing at night?

    I’ve never used this before and don’t know much about it. I have poor eyesight. What are the differences between the red and black kohl and how is the Moroccan kohl different from those from Medina? Thank you!

    1. Walaikumu Salaam warahmtullah,

      The reason why the prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم ) strongly recommended Ithmid kohl is to improve vision and grow eyelashes. For this , the sunnah is to apply it at night when going to bed. This makes good sense because more of the kohl is likely to be absorbed as eyes are closed.

      On the other hand, Ithmid kohl (black type) can be used by women for daytime adornment as an eyeliner or mascara.

      For eye health purposes, you can use it either at daytime or at night. But night is better and is the sunnah way.

    2. I am from Limassol Cyprus. I want to buy but I don’t know where to buy if anybody can help me out

  3. Dear sister do you have a certificate or any lab testing that confirms your products are lead free.


    1. Dear Sister,

      Not yet but insha’Allah that would happen soon.

  4. jazakalla

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