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K. S. A: Popular Kohl Brands Found To Be Unsafe

The Saudi Food and Drugs Agency has carried out tests on 9 Ithmid Kohl samples from some of the most popular and widely distributed brands.

In a press release on its website, the agency found high levels of lead and bacterial contamination in all samples.

The levels of lead found in the samples exceeded 10 times the allowed limit for lead in beauty products as per Saudi guidelines.

Seven of the samples contained higher than allowed levels of bacteria.

The agency posted the names of the products alongside images on their website (Click here to view).

The main brands in the list include :

1) Ithmid Kohl with ZamZam water

This product is currently sold on ebay and is found in many shops in the western countries, let alone in Saudi Arabia.

2) Alharamain Kohl

Clever marketing with the inclusion of the free makhala, but no substance to it, it seems.

3) Hashmi Kohl

Again, a widely circulated brand that has flooded online platforms like amazon and eBay as well as shops all over the world, and thought of many consumers as premium Kohl eyeliner brand.

4) Raani Kohl Kajal

This is another popular kohl eyeliner brand that markets itself as a high quality kohl producer. Likewise it widely circulated and still available on as we speak.

And the list continues

The rest of the list is made up unbranded but professionally and nicely packaged kohl products from smaller players, which has not got as much as global reach as the other main ones.

Common denominator

The common thing between all these fake kohl brands is the focus on marketing rather than quality.

You can notice that all are produced and packaged to a high professional standard to give an impression on genuinety and authenticity.

Here at things are the opposite way.

We sell genuine and real Ithmid kohl in a plain undecorated packages. Rather than focusing on marketing through image, we focused on obtaining the best possible quality from trustworthy sources.

As a result, you can be rest assured that you will be buying authentic and safe Ithmid kohl.

10 thoughts on “K. S. A: Popular Kohl Brands Found To Be Unsafe

  1. JazakAllah khair for posting this. This is beneficial information. May Allah reward you for your efforts.

    1. May Allah bless my sister for your encouragements

  2. I couldn’t find your contact page, so I’ll ask you here: What are the ingredients for the Hejazi Red (Madina) Ithmid kohl that you sell? Could I buy a quarter pound or large quantity from you, so that I can use it for a long time?

    Much Obliged.

    1. Hi

      It is made of Ithmid stone only. No other ingredients.

      Yes, you can. Although just two bottles of normal size would last you for around a year, so there is no need to buy larger quantities straightaway really.

      1. I see. May I ask if you would like to make an offer- if you send me a sample of your red kohl, in return I can make a YouTube and/or blog post review that links to this site. I think this would really help your business.

        This is my YouTube channel, if you want to see:

        What do you think? Barakallahu Feek.

        1. That sounds good.

          I will communicate with you via email.

          Wafeek Barakallahu

        2. Assalam aleikum, so what were your thoughts on the kohl? Better or worse than the conventional ones you may have used?

          P.s. did you make the video?

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  4. Can we combine blak and red kohl to make it brownish?

    1. That is a novel idea, Sister Umm Maryam.

      Not aware of anyone who done it before but It should be OK to do insha’Allah.

      Sorry for not offering any more information.

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