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Simple test to check Ithmid Kohl Authencicity

This simple and DIY test can be used by anybody to help determine if a product is genuine Ithmid kohl.

All what is needed for it is a piece of magnet or magnetic object (like magnetic screwdriver) and a piece of paper.

  • Pour some of the product (kohl) on the paper.
  • Hold the paper with the Kohl on top so that you can run the magnet under it.
  • Starting right under where the powder is, move the magnet around slowly.
  • If the product is genuine Ithmid kohl, the magnet would have no effect.
  • On the other hand, if it moves with the magnet, the product is likely not to be a genuine Ithmid kohl.

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This is a well-known test amongst Ithmid kohl traders and enthusiasts.

Although it is difficult to say the basis on which it works, it is likely that the high lead content of fake Ithmid kohl products might be the reason why they get attracted by magnets.

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Below is a a video posted by a concerned Saudi consumer which demonstrates the test.

The man tests samples of some widely available brands against a sample sourced from a local seller. Only the sample from the local dealer passes the test.

13 thoughts on “Simple test to check Ithmid Kohl Authencicity

  1. My understanding that the magnet test would determine whether the kohl has a significant amount of magnetic iron inside it or not; some stones/ores do contain iron oxides that are slightly magnetic. May I ask if in the video if he tested the Ahmar kohl or the Aswad kohl with the magnet?

    Barakallahu Feek!

    1. Jazakallāhu khair

  2. Surma is made from Antimony Stibium and it is metallic in nature.. it is also partially magnetic.. how can u and this saudi brother say that real kohl is not magnetic

    1. Surma can be made of many different things.
      But the question is : what is genuine Ithmid Surma made of?

      You say Antimony stibium, but how do you know for sure?
      Have you come across full chemical analysis on a GENUINE SAMPLE of Ithmid Surma?

      I agree that Ithmid Surma contains Antimony compounds like Antimony stibium but I think this is in a very small quantities.

      Do you know Antimony is toxic substance and human body can only tolerate very tiny amounts?
      If Ithmid Surma was purely Antimony stibium, it would be toxic and harmful.

      Genuine Ithmid Surma contains various compounds in various and unique proportions, not just Antimony stibium. Only a full chemical analysis on a TRULY GENUINE sample of Ithmid Surma can reveal the details.
      I don’t think such data is available online.

    2. With regards to the magnetic test, it is a well known test amongst the Ithmid Surma dealers and traders.
      And it works and is reliable.
      I can not explain how but it does.

      Proof of its reliability : if you test any of the fake Surma products (which have been shown to be full of lead by the Saudi Food and Drugs Agency), the test results will also flag them out (they get attracted to the magnet).

      Alhamdulilah, all of the Ithmid Surma powders on this website, do not and pass this test.

  3. I want to speak to someone from Real Ithmid Kohl with regards to my order. cna someone please help me?

  4. Antimony is magnetic. But it’s chemical compound is not. That explains why

  5. I didn’t type in my address. Just gave my PayPal will the product arrive anyway?

    Was salaam alaykum.

  6. Hello does anyone know where I can buy real kohl in the US?

    1. Hello Lacey

      You can buy it here. We deliver to USA

  7. […] simple test to check ithmid kohl authencicity […]

  8. Do you ship to New Zealand?

  9. Lead is not feromagnetic , so we won’t know it contains lead which we trying to avoid.

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