Moroccan Natural Beledi Soap With Kessa Glove


An age-old natural soap that is very gentle on the skin even on the most sensitive ones, while being an excellent exfoliator and skin cleanser (leaving skin squeaky clean) at the same time.

Usually used in conjunction with kessa glove (exfoliating glove)  in the Moroccan hammam.

As it is made with beneficial natural ingredients , this soap nourishes and regenerates the skin, leading to improvements in skin texture and appearance (brighter and glowing skin)

Comes with kessa glove ( please note colour might be different from those on the images)

How to use

1) Have a hot shower or create steam in the bath to open pores

2) Apply the Beldi Soap on moist skin and leave for 5-15 minutes

3) For exfoliation, scrub the skin with Kessa Glove on circular motion

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