Royal Mixture: Honey + Royal Jelly + Propolis + Pollen


A unique high quality mixture of raw natural honey, royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis to vitalise, energise, and promote health and well being.

Each of the four ingredients is a superfood and popular natural remedy itself and has been traditionally used as a stand alone supplement/remedy for treating numerous conditions and enhancing health and well being for thousands of years. Royal Mixture allows you to obtain all the benefits of this amazing bee products in one product.

How to use

Blend the mixture well each time before use as honey settles at the bottom and pollen tends to sit at the top. Good blending of the bottom and top layers will give a better taste as well as allowing you to obtain even amounts of all the ingredients. Otherwise you might end up with too much pollen and too little honey etc.

If you have never used products containing royal jelly, bee pollen or propolis, it is advisable to start with very low dose initially (one teaspoon or half of of it). You can increase the dose after some days once your body is accustomed to the ingredients and you are sure of the absence of any adverse allergic reactions.

Royal Jelly is quite unique substance and as well as bee pollen could be quite a shock to your digestive system initially if you are not used to consuming them. Therefore it might feel quite heavy on your digestive system for the first few days until your body gets accustomed to it.

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