Omani Frankincense (Loban Dakr) – اللبان الذكر العماني


Carefully hand picked 20 g (approx.) Omani frankincense 

100% usable pieces, guaranteed to have no impurities or dirt (bark pieces etc).

Small to medium size tear pieces which are best suited for burning as incense or chewing as a natural gum 

Pleas note that the colour and  sizes of the tears can vary from one jar to another. 


Frankincense has been shown by research to contain many health promoting chemicals which can help prevent and relieve many ailments.

One of most widely documented benefits of frankincense is its ability to affect positively the brain and the mind. Frankincense puts the mind in a positive state and can help alleviate anxiety and depression. It can also improve memory and thinking power (cognitive ability) . 

How to use frankincense (Loban) 

Burning as incense :

Burning frankincense purifies the air clearing unpleasant odours (natural Deoderant) and killing germs. 

The aroma of frankincense uplifts the mind and gives a sense of psychological calm. 

Chewing as a natural gum : 

Frankincense has antibacterial properties and is great for oral health. Frankincense is popular as traditional natural gum in the Arab culture. Chewing on frankincense also means that many of the beneficial chemicals in it will be absorbed in to the body resulting in body wide health benefits, especially for the digestive system.

Have some frankincense around in your home as one of the main go-to home remedies for oral problems like toothache. Very briefly chewing couple of tears (depending on the tear size) until they are soft and packing it against troubled areas such as cavities can alleviate pain quickly while also repairing and regenerating.





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